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22 August 2012

Book Review - The Summons

The Summons (Peter Diamond, #3)The Summons by Peter Lovesey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Diamond is brought back to Bath to appease an escaped convict who is holding a hostage claiming his innocence.

Diamond solves it all, with the help of a softspoken female detective with an wonderfully dry undercurrent of sassy.

Jane Austen shows up again, too.

And he finally has the sense to get his CID job back, which, I hope, will make for more classically constructed sequels.

Which, of course, I'm going to read. Right now.

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Book Review - Diamond Solitaire

Diamond Solitaire (Peter Diamond, #2)Diamond Solitaire by Peter Lovesey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Just plowing through these things; this one has Diamond chasing all over the world trying to track the family of a mute Japanese girl he found while on the job as a security guard at Harrod's. Diamond gets bankrolled by a Sumo wrestler, repaints a teacher's lounge a horrible tomato color, flies on the Concord and gets tossed in the Hudson river. Not necessarily in that order.

Meanwhile, a priest touches a woman's breasts, speeds off in guilt on his moped, stops by the side of the road to look at a tower of flame and causes a wreck in which two men are killed, neither of whom are the priest. The flame is caused by a suspicious fire at the Italian subsidiary of a drug company whose CEO commits suicide instead of dying of cancer and his son must run the company.

How does this all fit together? Good question. Lovesey stretches and elasticizes and comes up with something barely plausible.

But he never returns to the priest who fondled the widow while giving her a massage. And I really want to know what happens to him.

And yet, I'm off and away on yet another one. These things are like crack.

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