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21 April 2010

Book Review: How the Children Stopped the Wars

How the Children Stopped the Wars
by Jan Wahl 

Eh. Quick read (couple of hours). A overly precious fairy tale about the futility of war. Written in the Vietnam era, reprinted for the War on Terror era. The kids march to the battlefield to stop the wars. The men stop fighting because they can't remember what they were fighting for and, when confronted with the faces of their children, they realize their folly.

I'm sure there is much symbolism for dissecting; a stranger who tells the hero about the wars, shrinks, then disappears. Two red stars. Children's names. A green felt hat. Or maybe it's just colorful description to decorate a simplistic story.

I read this as a possible candidate to read with my 6 year old. I'll change my review if he finds meaning I did not.

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