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21 April 2010

Book Review: Three Cave Mountain

Three Cave Mountain
by Per Olov Enquist 

I expected fairy-tale magic and I got a story, perhaps based on a true happening, with real life magic; because almost any new experience is magic to a five or six year old and it is from a six year old's point of view that this book is written.

The back cover synopsis may have been the most marvelous thing about this book;

"This is how it happened. One night, just as Mina was falling asleep, a crocodile bit her on the behind. It was the first time Mina was ever bitten by a crocodile. She was only six years old after all. Her parents just didn't recognize the seriousness of the situation - they just want to go back to sleep. But Mina's Grandpa understood, and he knew what to do. Grandpa decided to take Mina, her sister (Moa), their cousins (Marcus and Ia), and Grandpa's dog (Mischa) on the dangerous journey up Three Cave Mountain. The mountain is so perilous that they will never fear crocodiles, or anything else, ever again.

Sometimes, when things happen like getting bit by a crocodile, it can seem like nobody understands. And sometimes, it's hard to know what to do about it. But if you're lucky, you have a Grandpa in your life that knows some good jokes and knows just what you're talking about, and has a good idea about how to fix things. Even if his idea accidentally involves bears and wolves and bad men with guns. Sometimes you have to go on a journey to figure things out. Sometimes you can get a lot older in just a few days."

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